Aeroacoustic research, development and consultancy.



Noise reduction


Aero Acoustics is experienced in solving noise problems. If you are in need of an innovative solution then please contact us .


Noise measurement


Accurate measurement of the noise produced by aircraft can be complicated. Aero Acoustics have the experience and advanced techniques required to achieve accurate and reliable measurements.


Noise prediction


Noise prediction, and especially aerodynamic noise prediction, can be something of a black art. Aero Acoustics have expertise developing analytical and semi-empirical prediction methods for solving noise prediction problems.


The whole solution


Noise is frequently not an isolated issue. Solutions designed purely to address noise may have an unacceptable impact on performance or weight. Aero Acoustics can bring together experts from a wide range of disciplines to develop solutions which address the whole problem. 


Something else?


Not quite what you were looking for? Please give us a call or drop us a line anyway: Our engineers are widely experienced and well connected; we may well be able to help.




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